Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet The Idaho 8!

Hello! We are the Idaho 8, and we are SO happy you stopped by! XOXO

This straight-shooting firecracker LIVES for the arts. Whether she is acting, dancing, painting, or designing beautiful homes for people, she leaves her mark wherever she goes.

This feisty little nugget is the epitome of Louisiana from head to toe! This gal can not only make a MEAN etouffee, but do it while juggling three babies (two of which are twins!) AND dancing her silky dance moves!

She may be small, but she is MIGHTY! This girl is taking on the skin care world one dermatologist at a time.  The only thing bigger than her entrepreneurial spirit, is her passion for MUSIC!

This 6' beauty has eyes that can pierce a hole in your soul, all while signing million dollar contracts. You had better be VERY secure if you want to take on this gal!

She likes to think of herself as a "simple Idaho girl who likes to shop in sequined gowns", but we all know there is SOOOO much more to her than that...her heart is bigger than the ENTIRE universe (AND she has "abs of steel"), REALLY!

She's a Southern gal who has integrated nicely into Idaho culture.  She's the kinda woman that takes charge in every aspect of her life, but with a smile on her face..("smile on the face, but fire in the eyes").  A foodie is an UNDERSTATED superlative, and all vacations center first around where to dine....OH, and watch out on the dance floor, because this girl loves a good back-bend! "SPOT ME!"

Being a new mom has nothing on this girl! She can still pull off a high-kick and the splits like the best of 'em!

This model, photographer, entrepreneur, mom will give ANYONE a run for their money! There is NO challenge that she can't meet!

This not so long or tall Texan is NEVER without a smile on her face or an encouraging word for those around her.What she doesn't have in height, she has in soul, spirit, and "smarts"! (Umm...and you had better check your closets before she comes over, or you'll find her organizing them for you when you're not looking...we secretly leave ours dirty....)

Don't let that pretty face fool you.  This competitive and athletic chica can probably arm wrestle you into real life AND business!

Meet out hot Latina love! She is one of the most passionate, loyal, and dedicated women we know. If you are lucky enough to call her your friend, you will be loved and cherished to the very core of your being.

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