Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of our Favorite Hangouts in the Sundance Channel Lounge

One of our favorite hangout joints was the Sundance Channel Lounge!  We were walking by the lounge when this young group of guys "The 38 Special" recognized the credentials we had around our necks and beckoned us inside. THANKFULLY!
Once inside the lounge we were treated like royalty with a beautiful place to sit and an array of entertainment.  Our favorite being the Cosmopolitan hosted second floor! The Biker Baker served up some delicious cookies while we played in the Photobooth.  They completely had to coax us out of our shells to dress up and cram in to that little booth....but we managed.  (You know that we actually just took over, right?)

Thank you Sundance Channel and Cosmopolitan for always taking us in during our trip!