Tuesday, January 25, 2011

K'NAAN Touches the Music Soul at Sundance

Prior to The Idaho 8 going on our journey to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, we charted out some of the many sites and lounges that we knew we wanted to see and be seen.  One of those was the Music Cafe.  We researched some of the highlighted artist and we were excited by the lineup of musical talent but we were completely not prepared for the soul-touching we were about to have when we crowded into the cafe to see the artist K'NAAN!  This beautiful man came onto the stage with such an approachable presence and with such heart he began to tell the story of where and why his music came about.

I think every single one of us Idaho 8 girls had a lump in our throat, and a tear in our eyes...as we tried to maintain a sassy appearance while standing there mesmerized by the sound coming from this man and his acoustic band!

If you have not heard this man sing or seen him live...you need to seek him out now!

We didn't technically "seek him out" like stalkers or anything but we fortuitously ran into him later in the evening while we were running around Park City!  Lucky us!
Melissa, K'NAAN, Jennifer

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