Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Humbled Change in Focus

The Idaho 8 is a group of friends that have been traveling together for years...and due to the nature of our outgoing personalities (not a wallflower in the bunch),  usually cause quite a stir wherever we go. We had originally started this blog as a way to chronicle our many wonderful adventures together (a travel blog, of sorts), and celebrate the power of the female bond, but these last three days at The Sundance Film Festival have changed all of that for us. Sure we have done our share of back-bends on the dance floor, laughed until we wet our pants, and had incredible experiences that we could have never dreamed possible, but the real heart of what we love about our travels together is the PEOPLE we meet along the way...

These last three days we have met artists, actors, film makers, jewelry makers, photographers, musicians, chefs, moms, entrepreneurs, tourists from all over the world, and everyone in between. All of these people have shared their stories with us, openly and from the heart, and those raw and personal connections with total strangers have touched us the point that we have decided the focus of our blog will be sharing THESE stores with you.  We are excited to introduce you to the wonderful people we meet along the way, and hope that you will join us in our celebration of the human spirit.

Our hearts and ears are open, and we are ready to meet YOU!

Pictures and stories COMING SOON! Stay tuned....


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